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Deploying Rails Apps, Part 1: Securing the Server

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Setting up a Rails server from scratch can be a daunting task. I remember my first attempt; it was a multi-day process full of frustration, things not working, me not understanding why, and a whole lot of googling. In an effort to make this experience less painful for those new to Rails, I’d like to share the process I went through to deploy Phindee to a VPS (Virtual Private Server).

Testing Ruby on Rails Apps

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I started learning Ruby on Rails over a year ago, and as most beginners, I chose the popular Ruby on Rails Tutorial as my initial guide. Because there was so much new material to absorb, I decided to skip the sections about testing (and I’m glad I did or my head would’ve exploded). When I finished the book, I decided to build a Rails app called Phindee in order to solidify what I had just learned. I never went back to learn about testing, however. Now over a year later, I did just that and was finally able to write a solid test suite for the app.

DataMapper: An Alternative to Active Record

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I recently finished working on a Ruby script that needed to store a small amount of data in a database. Having previously worked with Active Record, I loved the idea of an Object Relational Mapper written in Ruby; it makes manipulating data easy and keeps your code organized. Active Record, however, was definitely an overkill for such a small project. I needed something simple, lightweight, and easy to set up.

Using @font-face With Ruby on Rails

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When I was working on Phindee, I struggled with adding custom fonts; the asset pipeline had just been released, and it changed how one worked with assets. Perhaps there are others out there struggling with the same thing, which is why I’d like to share what I did and hopefully save some time for a few.