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Using MapBox With Ruby on Rails

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Last week I wrote about Phindee, a Ruby on Rails app I made to make it easy to discover happy hours in downtown Portland. I quickly mentioned that Phindee’s mapping functionality is provided by the MapBox JavaScript API, but did not go into any more detail for brevity reasons. I still think it’s an important topic to talk about because I remember having a hard time finding tutorials about integrating MapBox with Ruby on Rails, specifically.

Ways to Define a Grid System

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I started blogging last week. And ever since publishing that first post, I’ve been trying to find a suitable design for my blog. I looked at many different blog designs for inspiration, and one of my favorites was Whitney Hess’ Pleasure and Pain blog. I don’t know why, but the design just resonates with me. It feels right.

I’m Diving In

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Starting a blog is something I wanted to do for a few years now, but I worried too much about not having enough time or things to write about, so I always put it off. But this weekend that all changed.